'Finder’s Fee' Introduced in Russia to Boost Military Recruitment

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.11 - 2024 1:26 PM CET

Photo: Juliya Shangarey / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Juliya Shangarey / Shutterstock.com
Authorities are offering money to residents who persuade others to enlist in the Russian military.

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The authorities in Tatarstan, a republic in Russia's central Volga region, have introduced a new strategy to boost military recruitment: a "finder's fee."

In other words, the Tatarstani authorities will offer money to residents who successfully convince their relatives, friends, or acquaintances to enlist in the Russian army.

According to the Telegram channel Govorit NeMoskva, anyone who brings someone to a military enlistment center and successfully signs them up is eligible for a "finder’s fee."

The fee was first set at 50,000 rubles (€525), but it has now been doubled to 100,000 rubles (€1,050).

This incentive is being advertised across local forums, newspaper websites, state media, and government websites.

Tatarstan has also increased the lump sum payment offered to new recruits.

With various payments from local authorities, a new recruit can now earn up to 1.5 million rubles (€15,725) in signing bonuses, making it one of the highest amounts offered in the country.

Earlier this year, Tatarstan launched a youth employment program aimed at encouraging individuals aged 14 and up to work in the defense industry.

The program, reported by the state-affiliated business daily Kommersant, focuses on making it easier for minors, particularly those from socially precarious situations, to join the workforce.