Finland Accelerates Construction of Border Fence with Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.22 - 2024 8:41 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Finland Accelerates the Process for Construction of Border Fence with Russia.

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Finland has announced a strategic acceleration in the development of a security barrier along its frontier with Russia, coupled with a significant increase in assistance for Ukraine.

The Finnish government, recognizing the urgent need for enhanced border security, has proposed an advancement in the timeline for a substantial segment of the funding for the barrier's construction. This is reported by Ukrinform.

Originally slated for 2025, a €74 million allocation is now being requested for 2024, necessitating parliamentary approval. This decision underscores the country's commitment to swiftly reinforcing its defenses amidst evolving geopolitical tensions.

Furthermore, in response to escalating concerns over illegal migration, Finland is set to bolster the resources of its Border Guard Service. An additional €12.2 million is earmarked to enhance the service's operational capabilities by the year's end, illustrating a proactive stance on maintaining the integrity of its borders.

In a parallel effort to support Ukraine amidst ongoing conflicts, the Finnish government has proposed a €30 million contribution towards an international cooperative initiative for the procurement of ammunition for Ukraine. This gesture of solidarity aligns with Finland's broader strategy to contribute to international security and stability.

This series of actions follows the initiation of a border wall construction project by the Finnish Border Guard. Triggered by shifts in the security landscape, the project aims to erect a barrier designed to deter unauthorized crossings. The wall, featuring steel mesh construction, surveillance enhancements, and barbed wire, is targeted to span approximately 200 kilometers of critical border areas by the end of 2026. With an estimated cost of €380 million, the initiative represents a significant investment in Finland's security infrastructure, reflecting the nation's resolve to protect its sovereignty and support global peace efforts.

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