Finland Extends Border Closure with Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.11 - 2024 9:18 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock / Wiki Commons
Photo: Shutterstock / Wiki Commons
Finland Extends Border Closure with Russia.

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Finland has made the strategic decision to extend the closure of its border with Russia, a move initially scheduled to end on January 15, as confirmed by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Sari Essayah, in a statement to national broadcaster YLE on January 10.

"The border will remain closed," Essayah firmly stated in response to inquiries about a potential extension of the closure for another month. This decision aligns with earlier reports from Finnish media, which anticipated the government's intention to prolong the measure.

The initial closure of the border by Finland was a direct response to the increasing number of asylum seekers trying to enter the country.

Finnish authorities have expressed concerns that this surge in asylum applications was not spontaneous but orchestrated by Moscow, an allegation that the Kremlin has consistently denied. The situation has sparked a complex geopolitical debate, highlighting tensions and challenges at the European borders.

After Finland announced its decision to close all its borders with Russia, several other countries began to consider similar actions. Top politicians from both Norway and Estonia, among others, announced that they too might consider closing border crossings with Russia.