Finland Identifies Potential Threats Among Migrants from Russia

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.14 - 2024 10:50 AM CET

Photo: Ruslan Lytvyn / Shutterstock
Photo: Ruslan Lytvyn / Shutterstock
Finnish law enforcement officers believe that among the thousands of migrants who entered the country through the Russian border in recent months, there may be several dozen potentially dangerous persons.

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Finnish authorities have raised concerns that among the thousands of migrants who have crossed into Finland from Russia in recent months, several dozen could pose a potential threat to the country's internal security. This development comes as Finland faces a significant increase in migrant arrivals through its eastern border with Russia.

Security Concerns Amidst Increased Migrant Arrivals

As reported by the news outlet Yle, the National Investigation Bureau (KRP) of Finland has indicated that out of the 1,300 individuals who have entered Finland from Russia since last August, with a noticeable spike in November, some could potentially threaten national security.

However, it has been clarified that the threat posed by these individuals is not immediate and is unlikely to materialize in the near future.

The department noted that various factors could contribute to an individual being categorized as "potentially dangerous." These include signs of affiliation with certain organizations or ideological groups, combat experience, involvement in organized crime, or the use of forged documentation.

The influx of migrants has challenged the authorities' ability to swiftly evaluate the potential risks each individual might pose.

Border Closure and Government Response

In response to the situation and the perceived manipulation of migration flows by Russian authorities, Finland took the unprecedented step of completely shutting its land border checkpoint with Russia on November 30. This closure was a direct reaction to Russian border guards allowing individuals without Schengen visas to exit Russia and the promotion of the Finnish border as an accessible route to Europe by networks facilitating illegal migration.

Following brief openings, the border saw renewed attempts by asylum seekers to enter Finland, including instances of individuals crossing "through the forests." The Finnish government has repeatedly extended the border closure, with the next deadline set for April 14.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has also reported the presence of thousands of migrants within Russia, close to the Finnish border, who are awaiting the opportunity to cross with the arrival of spring. In anticipation of further challenges, the Finnish government is drafting legislation aimed at enhancing border security and countering Moscow's attempts to exert pressure through the strategic use of migration.

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