Finland Puts Political Relations with Russia on Hold

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.20 - 2024 1:11 PM CET

Finland has a new foreign policy.

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Finland will not rebuild political relations with Russia while the war of aggression against Ukraine continues, according to a new foreign and security policy report.

According to Finnish broadcaster Yle, the report outlines Finland's stance on its relationship with Russia.

Ukraine Invasion

The report states that Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally changed the nature of relations between Finland and Russia.

Currently, political relations between the two countries are severed, with only diplomatic and essential cooperation, such as border management, remaining functional.

While the report does not label Russia as a direct military threat to Finland, it emphasizes the need for preparedness against potential military aggression.

Finland is also bracing for hybrid attacks from Russia, including the redirection of asylum seekers to the eastern border and potential damage to critical infrastructure.

The report also addresses the geopolitical tension surrounding Finland's relationship with NATO.

Russia has threatened Finland with "consequences" if it joins NATO, promising to increase its military presence near the border.

Despite these threats, reports indicate that Russian military bases near the Finnish border are nearly empty, with personnel and equipment redirected to the conflict in Ukraine.