Finland Sends a Powerful Message to All of Europe

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.02 - 2024 8:20 AM CET

Finland Sends a Powerful Message to All of Europe.

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As 2024 begins, Finland sends a powerful message to all of Europe.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, approaching his final months in office, delivered his last New Year's address to the nation yesterday, marked by somber tones and concerning forecasts for world peace.

Urges Europe: "Wake Up"

Niinistö specifically addressed Europe, stating that the entire continent must "wake up." He expressed concern over the ongoing support for Ukraine, where NATO has repeatedly raised alarms about slow weapon production among its members.

"I believe it's not due to fatigue or lack of will. A more serious issue is ensuring the ability to help in the long term," Niinistö said, according to Svenska Yle, adding:

"Europe must wake up. Investing in weapon production is not only necessary to provide the needed help. It's required to ensure that Europe is strong, not for war, but for peace."

Pessimistic Outlook

The Finnish president offered little hope for 2024, and while he spoke extensively about Ukraine, his words were pessimistic.

"In Ukraine, the front has long been almost stationary, but the war is constantly moving. It's fought on battlefields where each day claims its victims. Neither is the civilian population safe," said Sauli Niinistö.

He also spoke about the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

According to the president, the only option is a two-state solution.

"The situation in Gaza is terrible. First, terror showed its evil and cruelest face. This was answered with a very heavy hand. The worst is the suffering and distress that affects civilians on both sides of the conflict."

Warns of a Trump Scenario

In his speech, Niinistö also urged European countries to take greater responsibility in NATO, especially considering speculations about the impact of the American election on security cooperation, i.e., if Donald Trump returns to power.

The president also said that the Putin regime is difficult to analyze.

"Russia is never as strong as it appears to be, and never as weak as it seems. Russia's intention to defeat Ukraine in a few weeks did not succeed, as the bravery of the Ukrainians overcame the assault."