Finland Will Do Everything for Ukraine to Win, Says President

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.27 - 2024 3:18 PM CET

Photo: Alexandros Michailidis /
Photo: Alexandros Michailidis /
During a visit to Estonia, Finnish President Alexander Stubb affirmed Finland's commitment to ensuring Ukraine's victory.

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During his visit to Estonia, Finnish President Alexander Stubb declared that Finland would do everything possible to ensure Ukraine's victory.

This statement was reported by Yle.

The main topics of Stubb's visit included bilateral relations between Finland and Estonia, security and defense, energy issues, and critical infrastructure.

At a press conference with Estonian President Alar Karis, Stubb highlighted their discussions on Russia's hybrid attacks, and the importance of supporting Ukraine.

He stressed that the focus of all security policy should be on supporting Ukraine, noting that Europe is lagging in providing arms assistance.

"Finland will do everything for Ukraine to win," Stubb stated.

Estonian President Karis mentioned the possibility of Western troops being sent to Ukraine for tasks such as demining.

When asked about the potential deployment of troops from Poland and the Baltic countries to Ukraine, Karis responded that discussions on this topic had taken place.

However, he noted that Ukraine's current priority is receiving weapons, not troops.

Karis also emphasized that Ukrainian strikes on military facilities in Russia, using Western weapons, are legitimate.

Ukrinform reported that President Karis believes the most crucial objective now is to halt the Russian military machine in Ukraine.

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