Finland's NATO Move Might Trigger Russian Military Response, Says Putin

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.18 - 2023 10:35 AM CET

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Foto: Screenshot

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In a recent interview on Russian state news network Channel One, cited by Interfax, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concerns over Finland's decision to join NATO, stating that it will inevitably lead to issues between the two nations.

This development marks a shift in the longstanding peace between Russia and Finland, which had no significant disputes since the mid-20th century.

Putin emphasized that all territorial disputes with Finland were long resolved and that there were no existing problems until Finland was "dragged into NATO."

He pointed out that this move would prompt Russia to establish the Leningrad military district and concentrate military units in the area, questioning the necessity of Finland's decision to join the military alliance.

Furthermore, Putin asserted that Russia has no interest in engaging in conflict with NATO countries, including Finland. He highlighted the absence of competing territorial claims, economic conflicts, or geopolitical interests that would lead to deteriorating relations with NATO members.

In the interview, Putin also critiqued U.S. President Joe Biden's approach towards Russia. He labeled Biden's statement, which suggested that Russia might attack NATO if "Putin is not stopped in Ukraine," as "utter nonsense." Putin accused Biden of using such rhetoric to justify what he sees as a misguided policy toward Russia.

This statement from the Russian president underscores the growing tensions in the region following Finland's NATO membership and reflects the complexities of international relations in the current geopolitical landscape.