Finnish PM Petteri Orpo Says Russia Is Preparing for a Long War with the West

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.13 - 2024 8:46 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Finnish PM Petteri Orpo Says Russia Is Preparing for a Long War with the West.

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Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo recently delivered a stark warning during a speech at the European Parliament, highlighting the looming threat of Russia preparing for a prolonged conflict with the West.

This speech, reported by EUobserver, underscored the necessity for European unity in the face of what Orpo described as a "permanent and existential military threat to Europe."

Orpo's cautionary message comes amid growing concerns over Russia's intentions and capabilities. "Russia is evidently preparing for a long conflict with the West," he stated, emphasizing the critical juncture Europe finds itself in.

The Finnish leader's remarks resonate with a sense of urgency, proposing that the success of Russia in current conflicts could embolden further aggressive actions. "Imagine what will happen next if Russia succeeds," he told Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), suggesting a dire scenario should Europe fail to act decisively.

However, Orpo also pointed out Russia's limited military capabilities, framing the financial support for Ukraine not as a burden but as a necessary and comparatively modest investment in Europe's broader security landscape. He argued that supporting Ukraine is "a low price compared to the alternative costs if Russia wins," a perspective that advocates for continued and enhanced aid to Ukraine.

The Finnish Prime Minister did not mince words about the challenges Europe faces, dismissing any notions of complacency. He argued that Europe's defense capabilities and border security need significant enhancement. "Self-satisfaction is no longer an option," he asserted, calling for a collective effort to bolster Europe's preparedness against potential threats.

Orpo's rallying cry emphasized unity and the strategic allocation of resources. "We can overcome this challenge if we pool our resources together. We have the financial means – now we need to demonstrate our political commitment," he declared, stressing the importance of a united and committed European response to the Russian threat.

This speech comes at a time when several European NATO countries have issued their own warnings about potential Russian aggression. Notably, Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has projected the possibility of a military confrontation with the West within the next decade, indicating a consensus among some European nations regarding the severity of the threat. Meanwhile, US intelligence assessments suggest a different trajectory, positing that Russia will likely avoid direct military engagement with NATO, favoring asymmetric strategies instead.

Orpo's address to the European Parliament represents a call to action, urging European nations to recognize the gravity of the threat and to work collaboratively towards ensuring the continent's security and democratic values are preserved in the face of external aggression.

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