Finnish volunteers caught in fierce gunfight with Russian forces in Ukraine in released footage

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.20 - 2023 9:00 AM CET


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A verified YouTube video from the battlefields of Ukraine has emerged, highlighting the involvement of Finnish volunteers in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The footage released from Daily Mail captures a fierce gun battle near Chernihiv, situated in the northern part of Ukraine, where Finnish troops engage Russian soldiers with intense gunfire. The video provides a rare glimpse into the contributions of international volunteers in this conflict.

Finland, a nation historically intertwined with both Russia and Ukraine, has seen its citizens join the fight on both sides of the war.

Dozens of Finnish volunteers have been reported to be actively participating, bringing their own reasons and motivations to the frontline. Tragically, at least three Finnish volunteers have lost their lives while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces.

The involvement of Finnish volunteers in Ukraine is a testament to the complex, international nature of the conflict, drawing individuals from across the globe. To witness the bravery and the intensity of these battles, watch the full video of Finnish troops engaging Russian soldiers near Chernihiv on YouTube.

Watch the finnish volunteers in battle, right here:

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