Fireworks from Luxury Yacht Spark Forest Fire in Greece

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.23 - 2024 11:22 AM CET

This is an illustration - Photo: Wiki Commons
This is an illustration - Photo: Wiki Commons
Fireworks from a luxury yacht spark a devastating forest fire in Greece.

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A forest fire broke out on the Greek island of Hydra, south of Athens, on Friday, with fireworks launched from a luxury yacht being the suspected cause.

The incident has ignited public outrage and condemnation amid ongoing forest fires and a severe heatwave in Greece.

According to BBC, fireworks set off from a luxury yacht are believed to have caused the fire that destroyed Hydra's only pine forest. This has intensified anger in a nation already battling multiple wildfires.

"Rich people with more money than sense," commented one user on the fire service's Facebook post about the blaze, encapsulating the public sentiment.

Irresponsible Behavior

Hydra's mayor, Giorgos Koukoudakis, expressed his frustration over the incident, calling it an act of irresponsibility.

"We are outraged that some people so carelessly set off fireworks into a pine forest," Koukoudakis told the Greek broadcaster ERT.

Thirteen Greek nationals have been arrested in connection with the fire. By Sunday, firefighters had the blaze under control. The firefighting efforts were challenging due to the remote location of the fire, necessitating transport by boat and aerial water drops by fire helicopters.

Dry conditions, high temperatures, and strong winds have already led to several wildfires in Greece this year. In 2023, Greece also faced numerous forest fires, many of which were deliberately set. That year, 79 people were arrested for arson.

Tragically, a 55-year-old volunteer firefighter died on Friday from injuries sustained while battling a separate fire in Greece, highlighting the ongoing peril faced by those combating these blazes.