First Shipments of U.S. Defense Aid to Ukraine Expected "Within Days"

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.26 - 2024 8:02 AM CET

The U.S. Department of Defense has initiated the process of delivering military aid to Ukraine.

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The U.S. Department of Defense has initiated the process of delivering armaments and equipment to Ukraine following the latest defense assistance package.

Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder announced that the first batches, including essential artillery rounds, would arrive in Ukraine "within days, if not sooner."

Accelerated Delivery of Defense Aid

General Ryder stated that the process to move some of the weapons, ammunition, and equipment to Ukraine had already begun, ensuring a swift response to Ukraine's defense needs. While some shipments will be delivered urgently, others may take slightly longer.

The Pentagon is prioritizing the delivery of critical capabilities, such as ammunition, to support Ukraine's ongoing defense efforts.

U.S. Aid to Ukraine

On Wednesday, April 24, U.S. President Joe Biden signed into law a bill for supplemental national security funding, which included over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The following day, the U.S. State Department announced a $1 billion tranche of defense aid to Ukraine, part of a broader package aimed at supporting the country's resistance against Russian aggression.

The latest defense assistance package includes a variety of weaponry and equipment, such as RIM-7 missiles for air defense systems, Stingers, HIMARS munitions, NATO-type artillery rounds, Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), and other armaments and spare parts for previously supplied equipment.

The rapid delivery of essential defense capabilities is crucial to Ukraine's ongoing efforts to defend its territory against Russian aggression.

As the conflict continues, the U.S. Department of Defense is focused on ensuring that Ukraine receives the necessary support to maintain its defensive capabilities and respond to evolving threats.

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