Flight Attendant: Why You Should Always Roll a Water Bottle Under Your Bed

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.03 - 2023 8:32 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Why You Should Always Roll a Water Bottle Under Your Bed.

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A flight attendant's tip can be invaluable, especially for those traveling alone. Esther Sturrus, who works for the Dutch airline KLM and shares TikToks about her travels, always recommends placing a water bottle under the bed when you check into a hotel room.

This has been shared by Pensionist.dk.

While it's unlikely, tourists can become targets for thieves or intruders, and some travelers choose to be extra cautious in certain countries or in rooms on lower floors.

According to Esther, her trick allows you to "check if there's anyone under the bed without looking," providing peace of mind if you're cautious. She advises rolling the bottle under the bed and adds in her video that it "should come out on the other side." If it doesn't, you might want to be cautious.

Remember, an obstruction doesn't necessarily mean someone is hiding under your bed. It could just as well be where extra linens are stored, or you might not have thrown the bottle hard enough to reach the other side.

However, it doesn't hurt to check, and you'll sleep better knowing you've done your part to ensure safety.

Esther's followers praised the tip, with one person calling it "super useful." Another said a new fear had been "opened" by the revelation, while a third called it a "crazy" thought.

The flight attendant's other hotel hacks were more light-hearted, from using a hairdryer to defog a mirror to turning a paper cup upside down and making a hole in the bottom to keep your toothbrush hygienic.

Other Things to Look Out For

This follows a TikToker, Leo Lenier, pointing out a potential flaw in the things meant to keep our valuables safe. In a video from Las Vegas, he placed cash in a hotel safe and locked it, saying, "If you've ever used a hotel safe and forgotten your combination, all is not lost."

While Leo actually claimed how easy it is to access your things when you've messed up, he ended up demonstrating how literally easy it is to break into safes.

"All these safes come with a master code to open them," he explains.

He then shows how almost anyone can unlock this type of safe when it's fully locked.

"All you have to do is press the lock button twice, you'll see the word 'super.'"

Then he says you just press the 'zero' button six times, and 'if the hotel hasn't changed their master code' on the safes, it should open right up for you.

Leo also claims that most hotels don't bother changing the master codes, so it will probably work most of the time.

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