Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba Warns: Time Is Running Out

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.16 - 2024 8:46 AM CET

Ukraine Urges Swift US Aid Amid Escalating Conflict

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Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, in a recent interview with ABC News on January 15, emphasized the urgency for the United States to finalize military aid for Ukraine, warning that "time is running out." This statement comes as the conflict with Russian forces intensifies, particularly around the embattled city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine.

Kuleba's call for aid highlights the ongoing debate in the U.S. Congress over a proposed $60 billion security assistance package for Ukraine's war effort in fiscal year 2024.

The proposal faces opposition from many House Republicans, who are demanding comprehensive border reform at the U.S. southern border as part of any deal, a condition that Democrats consider non-negotiable.

House Speaker Mike Johnson's insistence on border reform as a prerequisite for the aid package has added complexity to the negotiations. Kuleba, addressing the potential consequences of delayed support, stated, "Whatever the price of supporting Ukraine is now, the price of fixing the mess in the world if Ukraine loses will be much, much higher."

The Foreign Minister also underscored the broader implications of the conflict, suggesting that failure to stop Russia in Ukraine could have global repercussions. "If the West is not able to stop Russia in Ukraine, who else is it able to stop in other parts of the world?" he questioned.

On the battlefield, Ukrainian soldiers are reportedly facing challenges due to Russia's superior firepower and the use of UAVs, as reported by ABC News. The situation in eastern Ukraine, particularly around Avdiivka, remains critical, with Russian forces intensifying their operations in the region.

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