Foreign Minister's Urgent Call: Western Allies Must Escalate Military Production Against Russian Threat

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.24 - 2023 3:02 PM CET

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Photo: Wiki Commons /
Western Allies Must Escalate Military Production Against Russian Threat.

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Poland's new Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, has called on Western allies to develop long-term plans for military production amid Russia's continued aggression in Europe.

In an interview with The Guardian on December 23, Sikorski emphasized the need for European nations to prioritize offering long-term contracts to arms companies or fund manufacturing themselves to match Russia's wartime economic mobilization.

The Economic Mobilization of War

Sikorski warned that industrial capacities ultimately decide wars. He pointed out that while the West is significantly wealthier than Russia, if Russia puts its economy on a wartime footing and the West continues on a peacetime basis, Russia could outproduce them.

"As the west, we are 20 times richer than Russia, but if Russia puts its economy on a wartime footing and we continue on a peacetime basis, they can outproduce us,” Sikorski stated.

Sikorski's Visit to Kyiv and Concerns Over Waning Western Support

During his first trip to Kyiv since being appointed on December 13, Sikorski met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, hoping to turn "a new page in our relations" with Ukraine.

This visit comes at a time when there are fears that Western support is waning, with major funding packages from both the EU and U.S. being held up. Sikorski emphasized that the Ukrainians, who are directly affected by the war, are the only ones entitled to be tired by it.

He stressed the importance of continued support, stating, "If Putin conquers Ukraine, all our other issues will become microscopic by comparison."

NATO's Potential Threat from Russia

Amid ongoing threats from Russia, including saber-rattling the use of nuclear weapons, Poland's national security agency has estimated that NATO could face an attack from Russia within 36 months.

Polish officials have suggested that Russia might target NATO members in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Estonia, Romania, and Lithuania.

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