Forget about Nvidia: Billionaires are shifting their investments to these two promising AI-stocks

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

May.16 - 2024 11:00 AM CET


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The artificial intelligence (AI) sector has seen significant growth, with Nvidia at the forefront. However, recent trends indicate that billionaire investors are moving away from Nvidia and are instead investing heavily in two other rapidly growing AI companies.

As reported by Yahoo, Nvidia has shown remarkable performance, with sales more than doubling in fiscal 2024 and its Data Center segment revenue increasing by 217%.

Despite this, several prominent billionaires have decided to reduce their stakes in Nvidia. Among them are Israel Englander of Millennium Management, Jeff Yass of Susquehanna International, and Steven Cohen of Point72 Asset Management, who sold significant portions of their Nvidia shares.

The main reasons for this sell-off appear to be concerns about potential overvaluation and the anticipation of competitive pressures.

Nvidia's dominance in the high-compute data center market, where its GPUs hold around a 90% market share, faces challenges from companies like Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

Moreover, major tech companies are developing in-house GPUs, which could impact Nvidia's market position. Regulatory issues, particularly restrictions on exporting high-powered GPUs to China, have also added to Nvidia's challenges.

While Nvidia faces these hurdles, billionaire investors are turning their attention to Intuitive Surgical and Pinterest, two companies showing great promise in the AI domain.

Intuitive Surgical, known for its da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical systems, has caught the attention of billionaires such as Philippe Laffont, Israel Englander, and Steven Cohen.

Intuitive Surgical's systems assist surgeons with various soft tissue procedures, improving patient outcomes and reducing recovery times. The integration of AI and machine learning in their systems enhances decision-making and patient care.

With nearly 8,900 da Vinci systems installed worldwide, Intuitive Surgical enjoys a significant competitive edge. Their business model, which includes high-margin sales of surgical instruments and system servicing, contributes to their strong financial performance.

Pinterest is another AI stock gaining favor among billionaire investors, including David Siegel, John Overdeck, and Jeff Yass. Pinterest has been leveraging AI to improve its search functionality and user engagement.

The platform recently surpassed 500 million monthly active users, indicating its growing popularity. Pinterest's unique operating model, based on users willingly sharing their interests, gives it a competitive advantage, especially as privacy concerns and data tracking regulations become more stringent.

This user-driven content model helps Pinterest maintain its relevance and attract motivated shoppers, boosting its advertising revenue.

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