Forget the mistakes in Ukraine: This is Russia's dumbest naval expedition ever

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.15 - 2023 10:35 AM CET

This is Russia's dumbest naval expedition ever.

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It's no secret that Russian invasion forces in Ukraine have been less than impressive in their actions. While some of this incompetence can be attributed to Western media's focus on Russia's failures, the increasing number of stories and videos of mutiny among Russian soldiers suggests there's more to it.

If we delve into history, we find numerous Russian military blunders, especially before the Russian Revolution. One glaring example is the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, which can easily be considered one of the dumbest and worst naval expeditions in military history.

So, what occurs when you send a Baltic-based fleet with untrained sailors to the other side of the Earth? Reality indeed surpasses imagination.

YouTube personality Bluejay specializes in discussing historical events in an entertaining and humorous manner. Some of the details in the video below may seem so far-fetched that you might think Bluejay made them up for comedic effect. However, even the most absurd situations described have actually happened.

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