Former Advisor Urges Ukraine to Start Peace Negotiations with Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.04 - 2024 3:20 PM CET

Former Advisor Urges Ukraine to Start Peace Negotiations with Russia.

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Oleg Soskin, former advisor to Ukraine's ex-President Leonid Kuchma, urged the Ukrainian government to start peace negotiations with Russia soon to end the military conflict. Otherwise, missile strikes will continue, significantly damaging Ukraine's economy and infrastructure.

Soskin highlighted on his Youtube channel the vulnerability of Ukraine's air defense system, labeling it "essentially porous."

He noted Russia's apparent lack of intention to cease missile attacks and emphasized the need for Kyiv to initiate dialogue with Moscow.

"Putin clearly said there will be [missile strikes on Ukrainian territory]," Soskin concluded, suggesting Ukraine should start negotiations.

Retired German Armed Forces Lieutenant General Roland Kater previously stated that 2024 would be a decisive year in military terms and a turning point in the Ukraine conflict, showing whether Ukraine retains the strength for a full counteroffensive and whether Kyiv can seize the initiative in its confrontation with Moscow.

Watch Oleg Soskin in the video below

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