Former Fox News President Takes Aim at Donald Trump Jr.

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.04 - 2024 10:55 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Joe Peyronnin, ex-Fox News president, unleashes a scathing critique on Donald Trump Jr., calling him a "pathetic, low IQ oaf."

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Joe Peyronnin, the former president of Fox News, took to X to lambast Donald Trump Jr., branding him a "pathetic, low IQ oaf."

The controversy stems from a video of Trump Jr. claiming the Biden administration labels Catholics as "domestic terrorists," a statement that has since ignited a firestorm of reactions online.

Peyronnin, who also boasts an impressive resume as the executive vice president and founder of Telemundo News and a senior executive at CBS News, didn't mince words when he reshared a post highlighting Trump Jr.'s contentious claims.

The original post, curated by Ron Filipkowski—a well-known Trump critic and editor-in-chief at MeidasTouch—featured a snippet from Trump Jr.'s "Triggered" video podcast. It has, as of now, garnered over 2 million views, drawing attention to Trump Jr.'s assertion that "Biden's DOJ treated Catholics like terrorists."

The retweet from Peyronnin wasn't just a passive share; it came with a biting commentary on Trump Jr.'s rhetoric, directly calling him out for spreading "ridiculous lies."

This bold move has sparked a wave of reactions, with some applauding Peyronnin for his frankness, while others questioned his timing and motives, especially considering his previous leadership role at Fox News.

Among the chatter, some voices stood out for hoping this signifies a shift in public opinion regarding the Trump family, labeling Trump Jr.'s statements as "painful at best and ridiculous at worst."

Yet, a significant portion of the backlash focused on Peyronnin's own past, pointing out the irony in his outspoken critique given his former position of influence within the media landscape.

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