Former Miss World dies at 26 after battle with cancer

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.16 - 2023 10:50 AM CET

Photo: Miss World
Photo: Miss World
Former Miss World dies at 26 after battle with cancer.

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Sherika de Armas, who represented Uruguay in the 2015 Miss World competition, has passed away at the age of 26 according to Polsatnews. She died on October 13 after a two-year battle with cervical cancer, according to local media reports.

De Armas was just 18 years old when she competed for the title of the world's most beautiful woman in China. After the competition, she became involved in the cosmetics industry, running her own business and selling beauty products.

In one of her last interviews, she expressed her passion for the beauty industry, saying she always wanted to present cosmetics, appear in advertisements, or walk the runway.

She was also actively involved in volunteer work.

Carla Romero, the current Miss Uruguay, described De Armas as "too advanced for this world" and considered her one of the most beautiful women she had ever met.

De Armas's brother shared a heartfelt message on social media, saying, "Fly high, little sister. Always and forever."

Despite undergoing multiple therapies to prevent the spread of the disease, De Armas succumbed to cancer two years after her diagnosis.