Former Trump Staffer: "I See a Decay"

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.12 - 2024 11:54 AM CET

Joe Biden's age and mental state have been recurring themes in the US election campaign.

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The 81-year-old president has frequently faced criticism for being too stiff, slow, slightly senile, and simply too old to run again. Both political opponents and allies have questioned Biden's mental fitness for another term.

Donald Trump, in particular, has mocked Biden with the nickname 'Sleepy Joe.'

Now, attention has shifted to Trump's own age and cognitive abilities.

One of his former White House staffers has told reporters that she sees signs of aging in the Republican presidential candidate, who turns 78 this week.

"I have at times been critical of Joe Biden. But if you're going to be critical of Biden, you also have to acknowledge the obvious warning signs with Donald Trump," said Alyssa Farrah Griffin, who previously served as director of strategic communications in the Trump administration.

Now a talk show host on The View, Griffin, along with co-host Ana Navarro, critically analyzed Trump's performance during a voter meeting in Las Vegas on Sunday.

"Listening to him now is not like listening to him in 2016. He has never been particularly eloquent. He wasn't the William Shakespeare of 2016, but I see a decline and others who know him say the same," she commented on the program.

Rally in Las Vegas

Griffin referred to Trump's speech in Las Vegas, where he spent a considerable amount of time complaining about the heat and malfunctioning teleprompters. He also gave a lengthy explanation about a boat with an electric battery and a shark attack.

Griffin also cited recent instances where Trump appeared less sharp.

"He's confused Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley, mixed up the Turkish president with the president of Hungary, and often mistakes Joe Biden for Barack Obama," she said.

Trump has explained the confusion between Obama and Biden as intentional irony. However, Griffin believes the recent trial involving porn star Stormy Daniels and hush money has deeply affected Trump.

Griffin's co-host, Ana Navarro, did not hold back in her criticism either.

"Yes, Joe Biden is old. So is Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is senile, incoherent, offensive, shocking, disgusting, evil, and known guilty," Navarro said.

The two US presidential candidates are the oldest ever in US history.