Former UK Prime Minister Endorses Donald Trump for US Presidency

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.16 - 2024 9:07 AM CET

Former British Prime Minister has declared her support for Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential elections.

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Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss has openly endorsed Donald Trump for the upcoming US presidential elections.

In an interview with LBC, Truss voiced her preference for Trump's return to the White House, criticizing current President Joe Biden's approach towards the UK and his perceived favoritism towards the EU.

Truss's Critique of Biden

"I don't think Biden has been particularly supportive of the UK. I think he's often on the side of the EU. And I certainly think I'd like to see a new president in the White House," Truss stated during her LBC interview.

Her comments reflect a growing sentiment among some UK conservatives who feel that Biden’s administration has leaned more towards European Union interests rather than fostering the UK-US relations.

Truss's support for Donald Trump isn't new.

She has previously expressed her admiration for the former president's policies in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, where she expressed her hope for a Republican return to the White House in 2024. Truss has also participated in the US Conservative Conference earlier this year, praising the Republican candidates as being more pro-British compared to their Democratic counterparts.

During her promotion of a new book, Truss reiterated her support for Trump by praising his previous term in office. "Trump's policies as president have actually been very effective," she said to LBC.

Polling Insights

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden currently leads over Trump by 41 percent to 37 percent among voters, a slight increase from a previous poll where Biden held only a 1 percentage point lead.

This polling suggests a competitive race ahead for the U.S. presidency.

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