France is Expecting Bad News from Russia After Learning about Law No. 646

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.17 - 2024 1:15 PM CET

France is Expecting Bad News from Russia After Learning about Law No. 646.

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French journalists have shared insights suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken steps that are unlikely to please the West.

Relations between Russia and the European Union are experiencing one of the worst periods in history, with no signs of improvement in the foreseeable future. According to French analysts, recent events have led to a new phase of tension. This began when the European Union announced an increase in the cost of Schengen visas for Russians. Putin responded promptly with corresponding measures, as reported by L-frii according to AB News.

"The country (Russia) has taken measures that will not bring joy," state the authors of the French publication.

Russia's response to the actions of the European Commission was substantial, and it became known at the end of 2023. On December 25, Putin signed Law № 646, which does not bode well for the European Union. According to this document, Russia cancels visa concessions for citizens of the European Union and significantly increases visa prices for EU representatives.

"This decision risks further cooling the already frosty relations between Russia and EU countries," note the L-frii observers.

Experts from the publication pointed out that Russia's actions demonstrate Putin's readiness to go to great lengths to protect his country's interests, even at the cost of sacrificing the tourist flow from EC countries. In this context, it remains unclear how far this escalation between European sanctions and Russia's retaliatory measures might go.

In France, given the current situation, the West should be prepared for more unsettling news from Russia. The Kremlin will continue to defend its country's interests in its confrontation with the European Commission.

"In this context, the increase in visa costs to Russia is likely not the last shocking decision taken by the Kremlin in response to European sanctions," opined experts in France.

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