France Prepares for Violence with 30,000 Police Amid Election

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.05 - 2024 8:02 AM CET

Photo: Gerard Bottino /
Photo: Gerard Bottino /
Security measures ramp up as France braces for potential unrest.

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In France, the government plans to deploy more than 30,000 police officers across the nation on Sunday night as the election draws to a close.

The reasoning behind this decision is to avoid a violent outbreak following the final results, according to the Guardian.

The far-right party hopes to gain a majority in parliament, escalating tensions.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced that 5,000 police officers would be stationed in the capital of Paris as well as its surrounding areas. The goal is to prevent both the radical right and left from exploiting the situation to cause chaos.

Recent Attacks

The decision also comes after several attacks on political figures.

Government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot and her team were assaulted while putting up campaign posters in Meudon. Four people, including one under 18, were arrested. Thevenot, who is a person of color, expressed her concerns about the intensified racist attacks she has faced.

Marie Dauchy, a candidate for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN), reported being attacked by a shopkeeper in Savoie.

Nicolas Conquer, a candidate for The Republicans, also claimed he was assaulted while distributing flyers in Cherbourg.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal condemned the violence and stated that intimidation and aggression have no place in democracy.

"Let’s reject the climate of violence and hatred that is taking hold," he wrote on X.

Election Context

Sunday’s runoff election could see the far-right, anti-immigration RN become the largest party in parliament, though it is not clear if they will get the 289 seats needed for a majority.

To limit the far-right’s success, President Emmanuel Macron's centrist group and a broad left-wing coalition have withdrawn over 200 candidates.

Polling by Harris Interactive for Challenges magazine suggests the RN and its allies could win up to 220 seats in the 577-seat national assembly.

Marine Le Pen has urged voters to turn out in large numbers, saying that high voter turnout could give her party a majority.

"I say turn out to vote, as it’s a really important moment to get a change in politics in all the areas that are making you suffer right now," Le Pen stated on BFM TV.