Genoveva Casanova breaks silence amid media storm: 'I am shattered'

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.16 - 2023 11:35 AM CET


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Genoveva Casanova, a prominent figure in high society, has recently been the subject of intense media scrutiny following the publication of photos featuring her with Crown Prince Frederik.

The images, released by the Spanish media outlet Lecturas, have thrust her into a media storm.

In a rare statement to the Spanish publication Vanitatis, Casanova expressed her distress over the situation. “Forgive me, but I can't talk. I am shattered,” she conveyed in a message, reflecting her emotional turmoil amidst the ongoing public attention.

This media frenzy comes on the heels of Casanova’s recent hospitalization due to a lung infarction, suggesting that the added stress from the media coverage could be impacting her health.

The latest photos by Hola!, another Spanish magazine, depict Casanova as a solitary figure, seemingly weighed down by her circumstances, and accompanied only by her pets.

Genoveva Casanova, once married to Spanish nobility, has maintained a relatively private life despite her connections with high society and royal circles.

The recent developments have unexpectedly placed her under the public and media microscope, highlighting the often intrusive nature of celebrity and royal reportage.