Georgian Party Plans to Introduce Law Against "LGBT+ Propaganda"

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.20 - 2024 1:25 PM CET

Georgia's ruling party plans to introduce a law against "LGBT+ propaganda"

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The governing party in Georgia, Georgian Dream, is set to propose legislation aimed at countering what it labels as " propaganda."

The party's parliamentary majority leader, Mamuka Mdinaradze, announced this plan, with the legislation expected to be introduced to parliament next week.

According to reports from the SOVA project, this move is part of Georgian Dream's broader initiative to shield society from what it deems "pseudo-liberal ideology" and to halt the dissemination of "LGBT propaganda."

Critics from the opposition have slammed the proposed law as an explicit display of the government's anti-Western stance, labeling it as "another Russian draft law."

Mdinaradze noted that the project will be registered in the parliament next week.

"We waited for two weeks, no one said a word about it, and if someone did say something, they practically took the side of LGBT propaganda. They cannot separate rights and propaganda. The bill will be ready by the end of the week, after that we will initiate it, we will register at most on the first day of next week," said Mdinaradze.

The potential enactment of this law could strain Georgia's relationship with the European Union, as Georgia seeks candidacy for EU membership.

Previous disruptions to LGBT events in Georgia have already drawn criticism from EU diplomats, who argue such actions tarnish Georgia's reputation as a nation upholding basic human rights.

The situation echoes recent developments in Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has similarly waged a campaign against "LGBT propaganda," leading to a heated dispute with Brussels.

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