German Arms Manufacturer Celebrates Landmark Contract Worth €8.5 Billion

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.22 - 2024 11:32 AM CET

A 120mm canon from Rheinmetall - Photo: Wiki Commons
A 120mm canon from Rheinmetall - Photo: Wiki Commons
Bundeswehr Orders Massive Ammunition Supply Worth €8.5 Billion from Rheinmetall

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German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall is set to supply the Bundeswehr with artillery shells in a contract valued at up to €8.5 billion ($9.08 billion).

This marks the largest order in the company's recent history.

The agreement, finalized on Thursday, involves the delivery of 155mm caliber ammunition with a range of 40 kilometers.

These shells will replenish the stocks of the German armed forces and allied nations, while also supporting Ukraine's defensive efforts against Russia.

Massive Order to Bolster Defense Stocks

Although the exact number of ordered shells remains undisclosed, reports from the "Bild" newspaper suggest it could be in the millions.

Rheinmetall's CEO, Armin Papperger, highlighted the significance of this contract, emphasizing it as the "largest order in the company’s recent history."

He praised the German government for fulfilling its promise to utilize the production capabilities of Rheinmetall's new facility in Unterlüß, Lower Saxony.

The deliveries are scheduled to commence in early 2025, primarily benefiting the Federal Republic of Germany, which will allocate a portion of the supplies to Ukraine. Partner nations, including the Netherlands, Estonia, and Denmark, are also part of this agreement.

Strengthening Military Ties and Capabilities

Rheinmetall, renowned for manufacturing tanks, military trucks, and artillery, stands as Germany's leading arms producer. This massive order underscores the ongoing efforts to strengthen military ties and enhance the defense capabilities of Germany and its allies.