Germany and UK Stand United Against Putin's Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.08 - 2024 8:57 AM CET

Photo: 360b /
Photo: 360b /
Germany and the United Kingdom have committed themselves to preventing Russian President Vladimir Putin from causing a rift among Ukraine's allies.

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This statement was made amidst the recent controversy over the alleged involvement of Bundeswehr officers in discussions about delivering Taurus missiles, according to Bloomberg.

British Foreign Minister David Cameron, during a press briefing alongside his German counterpart Annalena Berbock, expressed a desire to avoid playing into Russian narratives that suggest divisions among allies.

He stressed that there is "unbelievable unity among allies", in particular, and in NATO.

Berbock also made a strong statement, asserting that the allies of Ukraine would not be intimidated or divided by the Russian leader, despite any attempts to do so.

"If we have different views, we will discuss it behind closed doors. Because we will not allow Putin to divide us, regardless of what other means and methods he will use," she stated.

Previously, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius mentioned that the call under scrutiny was intercepted after a participant used an unsecured line from a hotel room in Singapore.

It has been reported that the German Ministry of Defense began an investigation to determine if the conversations between air force officials, who were allegedly talking about destroying the Kerch bridge using Taurus missiles, had been intercepted.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense verified the interception of these discussions. Minister Pistorius addressed the scandal, describing it as a hybrid attack designed to spread disinformation.

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