Germany Secures Gas Deal with Italy and Switzerland to Prevent Crisis

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.13 - 2024 3:15 PM CET

Photo: Mo Photography Berlin /
Photo: Mo Photography Berlin /
Germany has approved a gas agreement with Italy and Switzerland to ensure mutual support in case of emergency shortages.

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The German government has finalized an agreement with Italy and Switzerland to facilitate gas exchanges among the nations, aiming to bolster mutual support during potential gas shortages.

This deal enhances an existing arrangement between Germany and Italy by incorporating Switzerland, ensuring smooth gas transit, according to a statement by the German Economy Ministry.

The German Economy Ministry announced that next week, Economy Minister Robert Habeck, alongside Swiss Energy Minister Albert Roesti and Italian Energy Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, will officially sign the agreement at a conference in Berlin.

This agreement is part of Germany's broader strategy, having previously established similar pacts with Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Austria, to mitigate the risks of a gas supply crisis and avoid public panic.

In a move to further secure its energy supply, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently disclosed plans for constructing a new gas pipeline that would traverse the Alps to Italy. Additionally, Germany has entered into an arrangement with Nigeria, exchanging gas supplies for a $500 million investment in renewable energy projects.

These efforts come in the wake of Finance Minister Christian Lindner's declaration last year that Germany has successfully eliminated its reliance on Russian energy imports, marking a significant shift towards energy independence and security.