Giant Snowman Named 'Snowzilla' Pops Up In Anchorage

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.27 - 2023 10:25 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Giant Snowman Named 'Snowzilla' Pops Up In Anchorage.

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After a decade-long hiatus, the beloved giant snowman known as Snowzilla has made a grand return to the Airport Heights neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska. This is reported by Anchorage Daily News.

Created by Billy Ray Powers and his son Colton, this towering figure of winter joy stands as a testament to community spirit and creativity.

Snowzilla, first constructed nearly two decades ago, has become a local icon, attracting visitors and media attention alike. This year's Snowzilla, built with the help of friends and neighbors, features a few new additions, including friendly, large eyes made from upholstered plywood stools, replacing the original beer-bottle eyes. These changes have given Snowzilla a more welcoming appearance, aligning with Billy Powers' vision of a snowman that exudes happiness and warmth.

The construction of Snowzilla is no small feat. Unlike traditional snowmen, which are made by stacking large snowballs, Snowzilla requires a different approach.

The Powers family and their helpers meticulously pile small pieces of snow and slush, one snowball at a time, to create a three-tiered structure over 20 feet tall. This labor of love begins in mid-November and culminates with the final touches added on Christmas Eve.

Snowzilla's history has not been without challenges.

In 2008, the Powers family received a cease-and-desist notice from the city due to concerns about increased traffic and safety. However, the community's love for Snowzilla proved stronger than these obstacles, and the giant snowman has continued to be a source of joy and wonder.

The return of Snowzilla this year symbolizes more than just a festive decoration. It represents the resilience and unity of the Airport Heights community. Neighbors and visitors alike have embraced Snowzilla, sharing in the joy and wonder that this massive snowman brings. As cars slow down to capture photos and families bring their children to see the snowman, it's clear that Snowzilla is more than just a holiday attraction – it's a beloved community tradition that has been reignited.