Global Embassies Issue Alerts for Potential Attacks in Moscow

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.09 - 2024 1:29 PM CET

Global Embassies Issue Alerts for Potential Attacks in Moscow.

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Embassies from around the world, including those of Latvia, Canada, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, and the Czech Republic, have echoed the United States embassy's warning regarding the threat of extremist attacks in Russia this weekend, as reported by the independent news outlet Meduza according to Onet.

The Latvian Ministry of Internal Affairs has amplified the U.S. embassy's caution, advising Latvian nationals to exercise caution and steer clear of mass gatherings in Moscow over the next 48 hours, according to Meduza's citation of Riga's Foreign Ministry statement.

Canada has updated its travel advisory for its citizens with information regarding the "terrorist threat," referencing the U.S. embassy's alert. Canadians are advised to avoid large public gatherings, remain vigilant in public spaces, and stay informed through Russian media outlets.

The advisories come amid warnings of a "deteriorating security situation." The South Korean embassy in Moscow issued a similar cautionary note, while the Swedish embassy explicitly recommended against traveling to Russia due to security concerns.

The Czech Embassy in Moscow urged Czech nationals to exercise extreme caution and to avoid large gatherings in light of potential attacks by extremist groups in major Russian cities.

Meanwhile, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strenuously advised against all travel to Russia, updating its earlier recommendation.

These warnings were disseminated via the websites of the respective embassies and ministries on Friday, following the U.S. embassy's alert about planned attacks by "extremists" targeting large gatherings in Moscow, including concerts. The identity of these "extremists" was not detailed. Reuters, reporting on the U.S. statement Friday evening, mentioned a previous announcement by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) about foiling a plot to attack a Moscow synagogue, orchestrated by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State. The connection between the U.S. embassy's warnings and this report remains uncertain.