Glynis Johns, Renowned 'Mary Poppins' Actress, Dies at 100

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.05 - 2024 10:37 AM CET


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Glynis Johns, the celebrated actress famed for her role as Mrs. Banks in the 1964 classic "Mary Poppins," passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 100. Her death was confirmed by her manager, Mitch Clem, to the Associated Press on January 5, 2024.

Born in 1923, Johns' illustrious career in cinema began at the tender age of 15 with her film debut in 1938. She graced the silver screen in over 90 films until her retirement in 1999, marking a remarkable six-decade span in the film industry.

Johns is most remembered for her portrayal of Mrs. Banks in "Mary Poppins," the Disney adaptation of Pamela Travers' novel.

The film, which received five Academy Awards, featured Johns as the suffragette mother of the mischievous Michael and Jane Banks, who find themselves under the care of the enchanting nanny, Mary Poppins.

Beyond her memorable performance in "Mary Poppins," Johns was also a shining star on Broadway. She was honored with a Tony Award in 1973 for her role in the musical "A Little Night Music," adding to her numerous accolades and further cementing her status as a versatile and gifted performer.

Clem, reflecting on Johns' legacy, remarked, "Today is a sad day. She was the last of the old Hollywood." Johns passed away from natural causes in a nursing home, leaving behind a rich legacy that transcends generations.

Her contributions to both cinema and stage, particularly in roles that highlighted her diverse acting skills, remain an integral part of Hollywood's golden era. Johns' passing marks the end of an era, but her work continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.