Google Searches Show Which European Countries Are Most Worried About War

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.09 - 2024 1:28 PM CET

Photo: PixieMe /
Photo: PixieMe /
As the European Parliamentary elections approach, recent Google search data sheds light on what issues are causing the most anxiety across the continent.

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For many Europeans, the threat of war looms large. This apprehension isn't surprising given the current geopolitical climate.

Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine has heightened security fears across Europe, while the conflict in Gaza has further amplified global tensions.

The Economist's analysis of Google search trends provides a clear picture: people in Estonia and Latvia, both neighbors to Russia, are most preoccupied with the potential for conflict.

Estonia's Stance on Ukraine

Unsurprisingly, countries closest to Russia are the most concerned. Estonia, which has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine, exemplifies this anxiety.

According to SVT, Estonia offers more support to Ukraine relative to its size than any other nation. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has been vocal about her stance on the conflict.

When asked if Estonia has a contingency plan in case Russia wins in Ukraine, she told the BBC:

“We have no Plan B because focusing on Plan B would mean not giving full attention to Plan A.”

Varied Concerns Across Europe

While war and conflict dominate concerns in Eastern Europe, other issues take precedence elsewhere. In Germany and Italy, economic worries are at the forefront. Searches related to "inflation," "energy prices," and "food crises" are particularly high, reflecting widespread concern over living costs.

Climate issues resonate strongly in countries with long coastlines like Portugal, Spain, and Denmark, and also in Malta and Sweden.

These nations show a heightened focus on climate change, as indicated by their search behaviors.

In contrast, pension-related issues are particularly significant in Romania and France, where Google search data shows a high interest in retirement topics.

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