Great news for both Israel and Ukraine

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.08 - 2023 11:01 AM CET


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President Joe Biden is reportedly ready to make notable concessions to Republican senators, aiming to secure a pivotal funding bill that would provide military assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

This development comes as the White House and Congress engage in intricate negotiations, balancing the provision of foreign aid with domestic concerns over border security.

According to a source cited by Reuters, the Biden administration is contemplating measures that would enhance U.S. border security, a key Republican demand, as part of the additional funding bill. With lawmakers set to leave for the Christmas holidays soon, the urgency to reach an agreement is palpable.

The proposed concessions involve tightening standards for asylum and potentially implementing a "safe third country" clause.

This clause would deny asylum to migrants who passed through another country on their way to the U.S. without seeking protection there first. Additionally, the administration is considering extending the rapid deportation process beyond the U.S.-Mexico border to apply nationwide.

Discussions among a bipartisan group of senators are also exploring the idea of setting a quantitative cap on asylum requests, although the Biden administration's stance on this specific measure remains uncertain.

President Biden, acknowledging the complexity of these negotiations, expressed his willingness to compromise on border security to ensure the passage of the crucial aid bill for Ukraine and Israel.

The outcome of these discussions could have significant implications for both U.S. foreign policy and domestic immigration issues.

White House spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez confirmed the president's openness to finding a middle ground, highlighting the administration's commitment to addressing both international and border security concerns.

As the House of Representatives plans to conclude its session by December 14, all eyes are on these critical negotiations, with high stakes for the U.S. role in global affairs and its approach to border security.

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