Great news for Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.08 - 2023 7:30 AM CET

Photo: Presidents Office
Photo: Presidents Office
Great news for Ukraine.

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The intense battles continue unabated in Ukraine, with Russian attacks being met with Ukrainian counterattacks in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

While the battles persist on the battlefield, Ukraine continues to make efforts to politically and economically align with the Western world.

This includes persistently pushing towards EU membership, a goal that seems increasingly within reach.

This is reported by the Financial Times.

Set to recommend

After previously confirming Ukraine's candidate status, the European Commission will now recommend that EU member states initiate official talks about Ukrainian membership.

Ukraine has been committed to joining both the EU and NATO, implementing a reform program to align with the EU's bureaucratic and political conditions.

"The Commission believes that Ukraine has sufficiently met the criteria, provided that they continue their reform work and meet the remaining requirements in the seven stages," the Commission's report states.

A few steps remaining

An official recommendation for member states' leaders to discuss Ukrainian membership is expected shortly.

However, there are a few issues Ukraine needs to address, including anti-oligarch measures, lobbying activities, and national minorities.

If Ukraine receives the green light from all member states, it means that the EU could soon comprise 28 European states.

Extensive cooperation

The EU has extensive cooperation in a number of areas, including economy, security, and defense.

Ukraine becoming the next member state would signify a major shift, allowing the country to join a range of common collaborations.

"Since 2003, the EU has launched over 30 missions within the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). Currently, there are 12 civilian missions and 9 military operations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East," highlights the European Council.

Significant defense fund

The EU also has a significant defense fund for various initiatives.

"The European Defence Fund has a budget of 8 billion euros for 2021–2027. 2.7 billion euros are allocated for collaborative defense research and 5.3 billion euros for capability development projects that complement national contributions."