Great News for Zelensky: Spain Bolsters Ukraine's Defense with 19 Leopard-2 Tanks

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.21 - 2024 8:12 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Spain Bolsters Ukraine's Defense with 19 Leopard-2 Tanks.

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In a significant move to support Ukraine amidst its ongoing conflict, the Spanish government has announced plans to dispatch 19 Leopard-2A4 main battle tanks to aid the Ukrainian forces. This decision underscores Spain's commitment to Ukraine's defense capabilities and marks a notable contribution to the international military support for the country.

According to a report by Spanish media outlet La Vanguardia, citing sources within Spain's defense ministry, the military aid package will be delivered in two phases. The first batch of 10 Leopard-2A4 tanks is scheduled for delivery by the end of June, with an additional nine tanks to follow in September.

The decision to provide this substantial military aid was finalized by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on March 19, following discussions with Spanish defense contractors. This move is seen as part of Spain's ongoing efforts to support Ukraine in its defense against aggression.

The Leopard-2A4 tanks, which have been in storage for over a decade at an industrial warehouse in Zaragoza, will undergo thorough inspections and necessary refurbishments before being shipped to Ukraine. This ensures that the tanks will be fully operational and ready to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities upon arrival.

Spain's contribution of Leopard-2 tanks is a significant addition to the international military support for Ukraine, reflecting a collective effort to provide the country with the means to defend itself. This gesture of support from Spain comes at a crucial time for Ukraine and is a testament to the solidarity and commitment of European nations to uphold international peace and security.

As Ukraine continues to face challenges on the battlefield, the addition of these tanks will undoubtedly enhance its military strength and resilience.