Greece Proposes Iron Dome-like Defense Across Europe

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.16 - 2024 2:49 PM CET

Photo: ChameleonsEye /
Photo: ChameleonsEye /
Greece has proposed creating a European air defense system similar to the 'Iron Dome'.

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has proposed a European-wide air defense system inspired by Israel's renowned "Iron Dome."

This initiative was discussed during an interview on Sky TV, as reported by

Unified Defense Strategy for Europe

Mitsotakis emphasized the need for a unified defense strategy across Europe, aimed at protecting the continent from potential threats.

He envisioned a collaborative air defense system that would involve all European countries, leveraging a model similar to that of Israel's effective Iron Dome.

This system would be designed to protect European nations by using collective resources to enhance each member state's air defense capabilities, regardless of their individual financial limitations.

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias supported Mitsotakis' proposal, stressing the urgency of such a defense mechanism for Greece and the broader European community.

Dendias pointed to the emerging threats posed by drone and missile attacks, advocating for a proactive approach to defense.

The defense minister noted the importance of preparing for potential large-scale assaults, suggesting that an integrated European air defense system could serve as a critical safeguard.

While acknowledging that developing such a comprehensive system would require time, Dendias revealed that Greece's budget plan for 2030 includes allocations to support this ambitious project.

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