Groundbreaking Development: Ukraine Certifies Body Armor Tailored for Female Soldiers

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.28 - 2023 12:26 PM CET

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In a significant development, Ukraine's Defense Ministry has certified a new type of body armor specifically designed for female soldiers.

This announcement, made on December 27, marks a pivotal step in addressing the unique needs of women serving in the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, which comprise over 62,000 women with around 5,000 in active combat roles, have historically seen female soldiers relying on male-designed uniforms and armor or seeking alternative sources for appropriate gear.

This situation often led them to purchase their own equipment or turn to non-profits for support.

The newly approved body armor is a result of a focused campaign by Ukrainian Armor, a domestic manufacturer. The design features a curved armor plate and narrower shoulders, offering a better fit for female soldiers.

Despite these modifications, the weight of the armor, at least 10.5 kilograms, remains consistent with the standard body armor used in the Ukrainian forces.

Following a rigorous two-stage testing process, which included field tests and design refinements for a better fit, the vest received certification. This achievement is a first step towards equipping female soldiers with these vests in combat zones.

However, the Defense Ministry has yet to finalize the number of vests required and the procurement process, with no specific timeline provided.

Earlier in August, the Defense Ministry had approved a standard sample of summer field uniforms for female soldiers, nearly 18 months after the full-scale invasion. This latest development further emphasizes Ukraine's commitment to ensuring gender equality and appropriate support for all its military personnel.

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