Hamas spokesperson expresses desire for permanent war

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 3:40 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com

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In a recent statement to The New York Times, Taher El-Nounou, a spokesperson for Hamas, expressed the organization's aspiration for a perpetual state of war with Israel.

"I hope the state of war with Israel becomes permanent on all fronts, and that the Arab world will stand with us," said El-Nounou.

This declaration aligns with Hamas' longstanding stance against Israel. Khalil al-Hayya, another named member of Hamas, further clarified their intent in his statement to the media.

He emphasized that Hamas' objective is to "change the entire equation, not just to have a clash." Al-Hayya also mentioned that their fight "is not about improving the situation in Gaza," but rather about "overturning the entire situation."

These remarks from Hamas representatives highlight the ongoing and deep-seated conflict in the region, underlining their commitment to a continuous state of hostility against Israel.

This stance reflects the group's broader political and ideological objectives in the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.