Heated Threat Against the USA

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.31 - 2024 1:31 PM CET

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Photo: Shutterstock.com
Heated Threat Against the USA.

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During a Tuesday evening address, U.S. President Joe Biden commented on the weekend's drone attack on an American military base in Jordan, which resulted in the deaths of three American soldiers and injuries to at least 34 people.

Biden confirmed that the U.S. has decided how to respond to the attack but did not disclose further details about the plan. “I don’t believe we need a broader war in the Middle East,” he said.

The President held Iran responsible for the attack, citing their provision of weapons to the perpetrators.

Serious Attack

Following the outbreak of the war between the terror group Hamas and Israel, Iran-backed groups have intensified attacks on American targets in the Middle East.

The weekend's drone attack was the most serious since the war's onset.

Iran Responds to US

In response to President Biden's statements, Iran has vowed a “strong response” to any attacks and threats against the country.

“Any attack on our territory is a red line and will be followed by an appropriate and strong response,” said Iran's UN Ambassador Amir Saeid Iravanis, as reported by the news agency IRNA.

“Iran’s fundamental policy is to give a strong response to enemies threatening the country, our interests, and our citizens,” continued Iravanis, directly addressing the U.S. “We have noted threats coming from American officials. We have responded that they have already tested us. We know each other. No threat will be left unanswered,” stated the ambassador.

Long-Range Missiles and Nuclear Weapons

In the event of war, Iran is reported to be able to mobilize a force of about 800,000 men. The country has developed a modern ballistic missile program, including the long-range Ghadr missile, capable of traveling approximately 1,600 kilometers.

In 2015, Iran, Germany, and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council agreed on a nuclear technology deal, committing Iran not to acquire nuclear weapons. However, in recent years, Tehran's Islamist regime has increasingly deviated from its commitments, according to the Foreign Policy Institute, Ui.

Iran has also distanced itself from the Western world by allying with Russia in its war against Ukraine. The Islamist dictatorship has supplied the Russian army with thousands of drones, enhancing Russia's attack capabilities. Numerous Iran-manufactured drones have been used in attacks against critical infrastructure, resulting in many casualties.

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