Here's a Full Timeline of the Crocus City Hall Attack in Moscow

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.23 - 2024 9:00 AM CET

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A picture is now beginning to form of how events unfolded at Crocus City Hall last night.

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Unfortunately, the number of fatalities in the horrific attack last night at 8 pm in Moscow has significantly increased.

Initial reports stated that 40 people had died, but today this number has doubled, and it is now reported that at least 80 people have died, including several children.

Much has been written about the horrific attack, and now the Russian media outlet Baza, generally known for having deep sources within the Kremlin, provides a timeline of how the attack unfolded.

Timeline of the Crocus City Hall Attack in Moscow

At 7:55 PM (Moscow time), the attackers arrived at Crocus City Hall and began shooting.

By 8:03 PM, they had reached the auditorium, where they killed everyone they could on their way, while also pouring gasoline on the seats in the concert hall and setting them on fire.

At 8:13 PM, the attackers left the building through the main hall, again attempting to shoot everyone they could on their way out.

They then fled in what is believed to be a white Renault Fluence.

At least 80 people were killed, some of them children, with over 100 people injured.

The latest reports from Russia indicate that the attackers were six individuals from Tajikistan, two of whom are said to have been detained. These details have not been confirmed by official channels but have been reported by several Russian media outlets.