Hiker missing for months: Now found dead with his loyal dog staying by his side

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.14 - 2023 12:37 PM CET

Photo: Taos Seach and Rescue
Photo: Taos Seach and Rescue
The hiker had been missing for months.

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In August, Rich Moore, a 71-year-old hiker from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, embarked on a hike with his dog, Finney, up Blackhead Peak, a mountain near his home.

Tragically, he never returned.

After an extensive search, Moore's body was discovered on October 30 by a hunter in the Rio Blanco drainage, approximately 2.5 miles east of Blackhead Peak. Remarkably, his white Jack Russell terrier, Finney, was found alive beside him.

This is reported by Fox News.

The initial search for Moore involved Taos Search and Rescue (TSR) teams, including member Delinda Vanne-Brightyn and her certified search dog.

Due to the steep terrain, the search teams were inserted via helicopter near the mountain peak. Despite their efforts, they were unable to locate Moore at that time.

Photo: Taos Seach and Rescue

The circumstances of Moore's death remain undetermined, as reported by the Archuleta County Sheriff's Office. Following the discovery, Finney was taken to a veterinarian and has since been reunited with Moore's family.

Blackhead Peak, where the incident occurred, is known for its challenging terrain with an elevation of 12,500 feet.

It is situated on the western boundary of the South San Juan Wilderness in Archuleta County, Colorado. This tragic event underscores the unpredictability and potential dangers of hiking in remote and rugged areas.

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