How Putin rewarded them for their participation in the war will make your hair stand on end

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.08 - 2023 1:53 PM CET

In a surprising move, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his officials have been making concerted efforts to attract as many volunteers to the army as possible, aiming to avoid any social unrest related to conscription.

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So, how does Moscow compensate these brave souls for their blood spilled on the frontlines? The answer might raise eyebrows: they are rewarded with free fish.

The decision to offer fish as a reward is both intriguing and symbolic. For the indigenous communities of Siberia, fish is not just a staple food but also holds cultural and economic significance. By offering fish, the Russian government might be aiming to appeal to the traditions and values of these communities.

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However, this move has also sparked discussions and debates. While some see it as a genuine gesture of appreciation, others view it as a mere token, insufficient for the sacrifices made by these soldiers. The disparity between the perceived value of a soldier's life and the reward they receive has been a point of contention.

In the broader context, this decision sheds light on the challenges faced by the Russian government in maintaining a steady influx of volunteers for the army. The need to offer incentives, even if they are as unconventional as fish, underscores the lengths to which the government is willing to go to ensure a robust military force.

While the act of rewarding soldiers with fish might seem unusual to many, it is deeply rooted in the cultural context of the Siberian communities.

Whether this gesture is seen as a genuine token of appreciation or a mere symbolic act, it undeniably highlights the complexities and challenges of military recruitment in modern-day Russia.