Huge Decision: Norway Recognizes Palestine as an Independent State

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.22 - 2024 8:54 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Norway’s Prime Minister announced Wednesday that the country will officially recognize Palestine as a state.

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"The government has decided that Norway will recognize the state of Palestine," Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre declared during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

According to Støre, Palestine's borders should be based on those prior to 1967. He emphasized, "Palestine has a fundamental right to be an independent state."

Context of the Decision

This announcement follows a period of heightened conflict in the region, particularly after the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7.

At the press conference, Støre highlighted that the attack was carried out by the terrorist organization Hamas, which opposes a two-state solution. His statement underscores Norway’s position that recognition of Palestinian statehood is a step towards peace and stability in the region.

Growing Support in Europe

In addition to Norway’s decision, there are rumors that Ireland might soon follow suit in recognizing Palestine as an independent state.

So far, Sweden and Iceland are the only Western European countries that have officially taken this stance. Norway’s move adds significant weight to the growing European support for Palestinian statehood.

Norway’s recognition of Palestine marks a significant shift in international relations and has the potential to influence other nations to reconsider their positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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