Hungarian Party Leader Asserts Claim on Zakarpattia if Ukraine Collapses

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.28 - 2024 11:05 AM CET

Foto: meszigabi /
Foto: meszigabi /
Hungarian Party Leader Asserts Claim on Zakarpattia if Ukraine Collapses.

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László Toroczkai, leader of Hungary's far-right Mi Hazank party, has made a controversial statement regarding Ukraine's Zakarpattia Oblast, asserting a claim to the region should Ukraine lose its statehood due to the ongoing war.

This declaration was made during the party's annual conference in Budapest on Saturday, January 27th.

As reported by Index, a Hungarian news outlet, Toroczkai's remarks came amidst a speech where he attributed the war in Ukraine to pressure from "international financiers," specifically mentioning BlackRock, the world's largest investment fund with assets over US$10 trillion.

Toroczkai claimed that BlackRock's involvement led to Ukraine's current situation and that the conflict is set to "destroy Europe and send the continent's economy to the bottom."

In his address, Toroczkai emphasized his party's stance on the conflict in Ukraine, advocating for an immediate ceasefire, peace, and a negotiated settlement to end the war. However, his subsequent announcement regarding Zakarpattia has sparked controversy.

"If Ukraine's statehood ceases to exist due to the war, Mi Hazank will claim Transcarpathia as the only parliamentary party," Toroczkai stated, referring to the historical and geographical region in western Ukraine.

This is not the first time Mi Hazank has made headlines for its positions on international issues. At last year's party conference, the party expressed the necessity to prevent a new world war and claimed that "Ukraine had been sold to foreign investors."

The party also opposed the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, citing concerns that their membership would increase the likelihood of war with Russia.

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