Hungary's Foreign Minister Declares 'Military Psychosis' Among EU Leaders

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.24 - 2024 1:35 PM CET

Photo: Victor Mogyldea /
Photo: Victor Mogyldea /
According to the Hungarian Foreign Minister, several EU leaders suffer from a 'military psychosis'.

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has made strong statements about EU leaders, saying that due to military psychosis, they are turning the Ukraine conflict into a personal matter.

He made these remarks during a broadcast on Kossuth radio station.

Szijjarto commented on discussions surrounding statements by French President Emmanuel Macron about the potential deployment of troops to Ukraine. According to him, European politicians are beginning to lose their common sense, with their rhetoric influenced by a military psychosis.

"They speak the language of war and think as if they are in the war themselves," said the Hungarian Foreign Minister.

He noted that politicians are beginning to transform the conflict between Russia and Ukraine into a personal matter and are losing common sense. The diplomat emphasized that the result could be a decision to send European contingents to Ukraine.

Earlier, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda expressed support for the idea of sending troops to Ukraine from NATO's eastern countries.

Poland and Finland have also indicated that the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine in the future cannot be ruled out, but neither has stated that it is necessary at this time.

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