If you see this mark on your child, Rush to the ER immediately

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.18 - 2023 10:40 AM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
If you see this mark on your child, Rush to the ER immediately,

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Karen McGregor noticed some unusual spots on her son's skin and immediately took him to the doctor.

Her prompt action turned out to be a life-saving decision. Although the video detailing her experience went viral last summer, it's being shared again as a cautionary tale.

As spring arrives, so do ticks, which can latch onto the skin and potentially transmit Lyme disease.

Karen McGregor had seen a Facebook post about the symptoms of Lyme disease just a few days before she noticed a similar mark on her son's temple.

Immediate medical attention

"I called our doctor as soon as they opened and got him in quickly. Within a few hours, more and more of these spots appeared on his face, legs, and arms.

We were prescribed antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, hoping we caught it in time! The doctor had never seen it in such a young child before," Karen wrote in her post.

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The parents took their son to the hospital the next day for a second opinion. "Two doctors looked at him and confirmed that it was definitely an indicator of Lyme disease.

The rash indicates that it came from a single tick bite he got three to four weeks ago (We didn't even see the tick), the rash doesn't mean he was bitten multiple times by multiple ticks," Karen explained.

Karen urges everyone to be vigilant for "bullseye" marks—red outer rings with a raised center, resembling a target.

"Had I not read that post, I would never have thought it was anything other than a simple rash triggered by long grass! Take a picture with your phone if you see one of these spots on yourself or your family. You may need to show it to the doctor at some point," she advises.

By sharing her story, Karen hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of tick bites and the importance of quick medical intervention.

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