Image 'proves' theory of Aldis toilet paper

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.01 - 2023 10:44 AM CET

Foto: Facebook
Foto: Facebook
A theory about Aldi's toilet paper has spread in recent months. But now a picture has been cited as 'proof' that Aldi's cheap toilet paper has a secret.

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In Aldi's supermarkets you will find many cheap alternatives when shopping. It also includes their selection of toilet paper.

Now, however, one shopper believes that she has uncovered that the store's toilet paper of its own brand is actually made by a manufacturer known for making soft toilet paper. So states

While Aldi Australia has refused to comment on the theory, there has been speculation about it for several months. This, of course, has happened in continuation of the fact that toilet paper was for a long time something that was hoarded.

In this regard, a picture has also been shared that seems to 'prove' that Aldi's toilet paper is made by a manufacturer called Quilton. And that has only sparked further speculation. 

The photo, which has been shared by a member of a Facebook page called Aldi Mum's, shows two rolls of toilet paper, both of which have the familiar cloud pattern from the Confidence brand. 

But inside the paper roll itself, around which the toilet paper is rolled, you see the purple Quilton logo.

Foto: Facebook

"Is Aldi Conficende toilet paper made by Quilton with a different print and a cheaper price ?!" she wrote. 

"Someone in production forgot to change the 'core' of the Aldi toilet roll." 

A pack of eight rolls of 3-layer Confidence Extra Soft costs less than half of what a pack of six Quiltons 3-layer toilet pair. 

The image quickly attracted a lot of attention, with many users describing it as being good news. 

"This shows we are right," one person wrote, while another wrote, "I have always suspected this. Love the price and the quality." 

"It's actually good value - I've always bought Quilton for $ 8," wrote a third user. 

A very enthusiastic shopper wrote the following: "I used to buy Quilton all the time until I found this one from Aldi and thought it was pretty similar in quality. Now I know why."

Aldi Australia has refused to comment on the theory to They also write that Quilton has not responded to their inquiries.