Impending Development in Nord Stream Investigation Announced

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.05 - 2024 1:42 PM CET

Impending Development in Nord Stream Investigation Announced.

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A significant update is expected soon in the ongoing investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, according to prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist, who is overseeing the Swedish inquiry into the incident.

Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Ljungqvist revealed that a new development is imminent, though the specifics of this update remain undisclosed at this time.

The Swedish investigation is being conducted in close collaboration with German police, who are also examining the circumstances surrounding the sabotage.

"I cannot say whether it will be tomorrow or Wednesday or Thursday, but a decision is definitely coming," Ljungqvist told Expressen.

The case is being treated by Swedish police as one of gross sabotage. Expressen reported that the Swedish Ministry of Justice was informed last week about the upcoming decision in the investigation.

When queried about the nature of the impending announcement—whether it involves closing the investigation, filing charges, or requesting pre-trial detention—Ljungqvist was unable to provide specifics.

This forthcoming development marks a pivotal moment in the investigation into the sabotage of the critical Nord Stream pipelines.