Important: Google alerts about new fees - check your email

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.04 - 2023 5:02 PM CET

Check your email

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Tech giant Google has alerted its Nest Aware subscribers about an impending price increase set to take effect in November 2023. Nest Aware is a subscription service that allows users of Google's security cameras to store recordings in the cloud. Users can access these recordings via interactive timelines on their smartphones or the internet, regardless of their location.

Details of the Price Increase

According to Google, the monthly cost for the basic Nest Aware subscription will rise from £5 to £6, translating to an additional annual expense of £12. In U.S. dollars, this would be approximately a jump from $6.90 to $8.28 per month.

Similarly, the more comprehensive Nest Aware Plus package will see its monthly price go from £10 to £12, or roughly from $13.80 to $16.56 in U.S. dollars. This means users will now have to pay around £144 or $199.20 per year.

The service offers 10 days of standard storage, but with the pricier Plus option, users can enjoy up to 60 days of storage and full 24/7 recordings. Google assures its customers that they remain committed to bringing new features and innovations to the Nest Aware service over time.

Ways to Offset the Cost

For those looking to mitigate the future costs, Google offers a solution. By prepaying for 12 months, users can save £12 or nearly $17 on the standard subscription and double that amount on the Plus subscription. This allows users to counter the upcoming price hikes while still benefiting from the Nest Aware service at a more affordable rate.